Assembly manual

Is it difficult?

YACC uses TID display which primary target is work with factory radio receiver. In cars not equipped with such receiver TID always displays current date. Lower, dot marked button is used to control YACC. The upper picture shows 8-digit TID display (e.g. Astra F), the lower picture - 10-digit display (e.g. Astra G).

  • You should remember that YACC assembly is an intervention into electrical car system and might be a reason of warranty void.


One of YACC users has been faced in his car (Astra G, Z17DTL, 2008) with a problem of locked TID always displaying current date in lower part, regardless of turning radio on or connecting the YACC.

Similar situation is described also in the following article. Authors claim that such behaviour depends on display settings and these settings can be altered with Tech2 service tool. Moreover, the value corresponding to current settings can be shown by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Value 011 means unlocked TID, which will work properly with radioreceiver and YACC, while value 012 the locked one.

In the case of reported TID the value was even different and was equal 071. And in the test display used by us (which works properly with radioreceiver and YACC) it is 00k011 4B.

We advice to ensure before purchase that your TID will work with YACC without need of reprogramming with Tech2 service tool. It is enough to switch radio (even non factory) on. If date disappears TID will work with YACC. If there is no radio in the car one should apply +12 V to controlling signal (refer to table 1 of User manual).


After reprogramming TID with Tech2 service tool it works with YACC seamlessly. The question why initial setting were so strange has left without answer...

Read user manual (limba română).