Assembly manual

YACC mounting in the car

Description corresponds to Astra F.

Continue work in the car.

  1. If a shelf below glovebox exists unscrew 4 screws (red arrows) and detach.

  2. Unscrew 4 screws (green arrows - two upper screws are located behind doors) and detach glovebox. If a lamp occurs disconnect supply cable.
  3. Mount TID display following disassembly procedure in reverse order. Lead connection cable towards glovebox.

  4. Drill 4 holes 3 mm in diameter in rear wall of glovebox and fasten YACC with M3 screws. Protect connection socket with plastic tie.

  5. Wires with engined revolution and fuel consumption signals route in lower part of glovebox near existing wires bundle towards ECM. Faster wires with ties.

Read user manual (limba română).